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  • Playground Tiles Playground Tiles

    Keeping the children protected and secured always holds the uttermost importance which is why our playground tiles provide the top quality cushioning for falls and slips. The rubber safety tiles provide an excellent drainage mechanism and enable instant drying, keeping the surface safe and stable even under wet and slippery weather conditions. An outstanding shock absorbance prevents the build up of pressure on joints and muscles keeping the body and mind healthy. Manufactured from heavy duty rubber, these non slip tiles provide an incredible durability and strength.

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  • Playground Safety Mats Playground Safety Mats

    Our top quality playground safety mats are well known for their resilience and durability all across the UK. Unlike the hard and abrasive flooring solutions like tile or concrete, rubber matting maximizes the cushioning of the surface providing an enhanced fall protection and avoiding the occurrence of severe injuries. Rubber comprises of a high friction coefficient which provides an outstanding traction in between the floor and the foot, maintaining the stability even in rainy or moist weather conditions. The anti-bacterial features prevent the accumulation of any fungal or bacterial contamination as well as avoiding the building up of dirt or debris.

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  • Playground Flooring Playground Flooring

    Playgroundtilesuk.uk aims to provide the finest quality playground flooring that offers a protective padding in between the floor and the person or equipment. With thousands of people sustaining injuries from the harsh and corrosive playground floors, our non slip flooring aim to maximize the level of protection so that the children can play safely and the parents can have a peace of mind. This rubber safety flooring eases the process of installation and does not require an expertise saving unnecessary expenses. Our playground safety products are manufactured to withstand an intensive pressure and provide an exceptional shock absorbance. The damage resistant surface enables the flooring to last long and retain its durability and strength.

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  • Rubber Grass Mats Rubber Grass Mats

    Our open grid weaved rubber grass mats are ideal to be installed onto existing grass surfaces or any muddy area. These grass mats are also perfectly suitable to be used under playing equipment in a playground. These grass protection mats provide impact absorption by acting as a safety barrier. The weed protection mats also prevent the growth of weed and stops the mud from forcing its way through the mats. These exceptional characteristics enable the maintenance of a clean and hygienic environment. The drainage holes allow a quick water drainage keeping the surfaces dry and fall resistant even on a wet rainy day.

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  • Rubber Matting Roll Rubber Matting Roll

    We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of rubber matting rolls all over the UK. Our premium quality rubber matting rolls are available in a range of different colours, designs and sizes to satisfy the distinctive flooring requirements of our customers. These rubber flooring rolls are extremely durable and provide easy handling. The easily replaceable rubber mats enable a quick and convenient cleaning assisting in the maintenance of a squeaky clean and polished surface. Rubber naturally comprise of the ability to bear impact and provide shock absorbance. These outstanding features enable this rubber flooring to provide multiple versatile applications.

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